Sunday School and Intergenerational Activities

2013-2014 Theme: The Sermon on the Mount

Sunday School for All Ages
From September through May, St. Andrew’s offers Sunday School for all ages from 10:00 am to 10:50 am.  Nursery is provided for children 5 and under. 
  • Children's Sunday School (ages 5 to 11) is held in the Undercroft (downstairs underneath the church).  Age-appropriate lessons are offered for both older and younger children.  For more information about Children's Sunday School, see below.
  • Youth Group (ages 12-17) is held in the new Youth Room in the Undercroft (downstairs underneath the church) on the 2nd Sunday of each month.
  • Adult Forum is held in St. Andrew's House (the building directly beside the church at 236 S. Laurel Street).

Intergenerational Activities
On many holy days, St. Andrew's organizes intergenerational activities during Sunday School or after church during First Sunday Fellowship that enhance our understanding of Christian traditions and practices while promoting engagement with one another across the generations. In 2013-2014, intergenerational activities will be offered on September 15, November 3, February 23, and May 18.

Children's Christian Formation
On Sundays this fall, we are excited to offer two units for the children, both of which will focus on the Sermon on the Mount.
  • The 1st unit, September & October, will take place in the Atrium as children and their adult shepherds encounter a time of Seeking God Together.  During this unit, we will begin by tidying up and reintroducing ourselves to the Atrium.  This is the children’s space to tend and care for and they treasure it.  We will reset our prayer table with our theme of the Sermon on the Mount.  The children will act out and imagine themselves on the hillside, listening to the teachings of our Lord.  The Atrium is a wonder-filled place to introduce our children to the richness of our Lord’s teachings in a gentle prayerful way.  Together we will work to seek God together.
  • In November, the children will hear and learn from Jesus’ teaching, “Do not worry”, and Paul’s teaching in Philippians about rejoicing and being content.
  • December is of course Pageant time.  The Pageant will be on Dec. 22, and more details will be forthcoming.