Pastoral Care

Whether someone is sick or struggling, has fear or doubt, or has reason to celebrate and rejoice, it is our intention to be present with each other in meaningful and tangible ways. We do this both formally and informally.

Every Sunday we pray during corporate worship for those who have requested our prayers, and this prayer list is also included in print and electronic communications to facilitate intercessory prayer throughout the week. The Agape Ministry, whose name means “Christian love,” prepares and delivers meals to those among us who have had surgery, been hospitalized, given birth or experienced a death in the family. Many parishioners knit prayer shawls that are prayed over, blessed and given to those who could use a tangible expression of God’s comfort and care.  Groups of parishioners serve as Eucharistic Visitors regularly take Holy Communion to those who are homebound or sick and not able to be present with us on Sundays for worship.

Much happens organically and informally, however, through phone calls, visits, and other expressions of care as a group of people who are committed to love and support one another. 

While the ministry of caring is the responsibility of everyone in the community, sometimes it is particularly important to have the presence of an ordained minister for prayers, visits, anointing or blessing. Please feel free to contact Barbara, our deacon, if you would like the attention of one of the clergy at St. Andrew's.  This is particularly appropriate if you are in the hospital, scheduled for surgery or other medical procedure, delivering or adopting a child, or have experienced a difficult change in life circumstances such as a job loss or the death of a loved one.

Pastoral Care Contacts (for receiving or giving care)
Chuck Baur (Agape Meals)
Barbara Ambrose (Eucharistic Visits)