All youth age 13 and older are invited to participate in the confirmation process at St. Andrew's.  Most of us were baptized as infants, at which time we were welcomed as full members into the Body of Christ.  We were baptized, however, based on the faith of our parents and sponsors.  With Confirmation, we are saying that following Christ is not just about the faith of our parents and sponsors; it is our faith.  We make it our own and promise to live out a life of discipleship empowered by the Holy Spirit to love others as Christ loves us. 

Because confirmation involves making a mature acclimation of faith, youth are invited to participate and make the choice in conversation with their parents.  Some may choose to participate in the preparations even if they are not sure they are ready for the Rite of Confirmation itself.  We want youth to feel ready, as much as anyone can, to embrace the life of discipleship that lies ahead of them and to experience the fullness of the Christ we follow.

Preparing for the Rite of Confirmation and participating in the Rite itself can be a truly transformative time.  Youth who embark on this journey do so with the sure knowledge that their fellow sisters and brothers in Christ are committed to journeying with them.  One of the key aspects of confirmation preparation at St. Andrew's involves inter-generational relationships.  Each Confirmand is be paired with a mentor who meets regularly with the Confirmand for bible study and reflection.  We also have several group gatherings throughout the year to learn some of the “basics” of the Episcopal Church, as well as to engage in outreach projects. 

St. Andrew's takes the youth through a year-long confirmation process every other year.