May you be made strong with all the strength that comes from his glorious power, and may you be prepared to endure everything with patience, while joyfully giving thanks to the Father, who has enabled you to share in the inheritance of the saints in light.
Colossians 1:11-12

Planned Giving

The mission of St. Andrew’s is to welcome people from far and near to be together as a family in Christ. At St. Andrew’s, our inheritance is more than a beautiful church building; a neighborhood of great spirit and character; a congregation where all seats are free. The true gift we have been given from one generation to the next is the gift of compassion and the spirit of adoption as children of one God, siblings of one family. We live into our mission as we live out our baptismal covenant, within St. Andrew’s and without: to seek and serve Christ in all person, to respect the dignity of every human being, and to love our neighbors as ourselves.

Stewardship for us here at St. Andrew’s is about how we receive the gifts we have been given, care for them, use them, improve on them, and prepare them for the next generation. It’s about how we care for our stuff and each other in this place, in this time. It’s about putting the right things first. And part of it is about money. Through planned giving, we can strengthen our shared investment in the inheritance of this community of faith at St. Andrew’s, which we received from the saints before us, and in our life in Christ, which is the ultimate inheritance we pass on to those who come after us in this place. May we be worthy of the gift and faithful in our responsibility.

The St. Andrew’s Legacy Society

The St. Andrew’s Legacy Society provides a means of recognizing the stewards of St. Andrew’s who have made provisions for the future of this parish by arranging a bequest or special gift during their lifetime. These gifts can be for any amount and the donors will be part of the Legacy Society as soon as they make known their plans to make such a gift. This group of people will be recognized annually in appreciation for their generosity and their faith in this parish.

If you prefer, the gift will remain anonymous. As we plan for the future, it will be helpful to the church to know of your plans for the future of St. Andrew’s.

How do I make a gift to St. Andrew’s?

First, you should contact your attorney or financial advisor. Guidance and referrals are also available from the Treasurer and Finance Committee at St. Andrew’s. The ways to give include:

  • Outright Lifetime gifts of cash, securities, or other valuables.
  • Bequests are made by naming St. Andrew’s as a beneficiary in your will or codicil.
  • Life Insurance policies may name St. Andrew’s as beneficiary and as the owner for which you pay the premium.
  • A Charitable Gift Annuity guarantees a fixed annual payment to the donor or designee for life in exchange for the donor’s transfer of a certain amount of cash or securities to the church. The asset is an immediate tax deduction and a part of the income may be tax free.
  • A Charitable Remainder Trust allows the donor to transfer appreciated assets to the trust and receive a charitable income or estate tax deduction. The income is paid to an individual beneficiary for a term of years or until death at which time the assets are passed to St. Andrew’s free of estate taxes.
  • A Charitable Lead Trust allows the donor to provide for the designated funds for a pre-determined number of years.  At the end of the period, the assets will pass to the donor’s designee at a reduced gift tax rate.
  • Retirement Plan Benefits and IRAs designating St. Andrew’s as beneficiary will pass funds to the designated fund free of income tax and estate tax.

We strongly urge that you consult with your attorney, financial and/or tax advisor to review and approve this information provided to you. This information in no way constitutes legal advice. We will gladly work with your independent advisors to assist in any way.

Designated and Undesignated Gifts

A will bequest or special end of life gift to St. Andrew’s will be treated as an undesignated gift unless you specify otherwise and used according to the policies and procedures for Planned Giving for any of the following:

  • Buildings and Grounds
  • Mission and Outreach
  • Christian Formation
  • Music and Worship
  • Endowment

Where can I get more information about planned giving?

Contact Steve Salter, Treasurer of St. Andrew’s, or call 804-648-7980.