What’s Grace-on-the-Hill, you ask? Good question.

 The 2014-15 Grace-on-the-Hill residents on a hike together in Pennsylvania.

We’re an Episcopal Service Corps program that’s centered around four main things: personal discernment, service to our worksites, service to our Oregon Hill neighborhood, and service to our parish community.

Our corps members live together for ten months in an historic home on S. Laurel Street in Richmond. Each resident has his or her own room and shares community living space.

The Grace-on-the-Hill community is an intentional Christian community, grounded in a Rule of Life. We are grounded in the sharing of common meals and prayer time, simplicity, and service in Richmond’s urban environment.

The Grace-on-the-Hill residents cohosted a neighborhood potluck.

Our proximity — both to places and to each other — allows us to deeply engage in the communities around us: Oregon Hill, St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, our worksites, and our own Grace-on-the-Hill community.

We’re especially interested in engaging with the Oregon Hill neighborhood of Richmond because we are developing a theology of place, the embodiment of God’s love through a deep commitment and connection to all aspects of God’s creation in a particular place and time.

This theology of place sees residents engaging with Oregon Hill: establishing relationships with neighbors, getting to know the local ecology, and participating in projects that help the neighborhood flourish.

One such project is the weekly laundry ministry for people who are homeless, operated in conjunction with another Oregon Hill church.


Corps members attend St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church on a regular basis and become fully involved in many outreaches and ministries of the church. The church is located on the same block as the residents’ house.

Grace-on-the-Hill corps members (or GOTHs, as they are lovingly known around the community) work roughly 32 hours a week at their worksite. Our worksite service is detailed more fully on this page.

Corps members have time each week dedicated to spiritual reflection, vocational discernment and leadership formation, as individuals, as a group, and in conversation with mentors. Corps members also go on three retreats during the program.

Co-program director Paris leads the GOTHs in weekly formation.