All Souls' Labyrinth Walk

Walking a labyrinth is one of the oldest contemplative practices for prayer and pilgrimage found in faith traditions around the world. Labyrinths may have been in existence as early as 3,500 to 4,500 BCE.

In the Christian tradition, the practice arose when Christians could no longer make pilgrimages to Jerusalem and so began to transform the physical journey to a spiritual one.

On November 1, the Episcopal Church celebrates All Saints’ Day. On the following day, November 2, the church celebrates the Commemoration of All Faithful Departed, also called All Souls' Day. This is the day in which the Church remembers the vast body of the faithful who, though no less members of the company of the redeemed, are unknown in the wider fellowship of the Church. It is a day for particular remembrance of family members and friends who have walked before us. 

On Thursday evening, November 2, St. Andrew’s will host an All Souls’ Labyrinth Walk in Pleasants Park in the Oregon Hill neighborhood. Please feel free to stop by any time between 5:30 pm and 7 pm.

This outdoor, contemplative evening with music is an invitation to walk in remembrance of and thanksgiving for the souls who have gone before us to light the way.