Laundry Ministry

In 2014, the first three Grace-on-the-Hill interns began a laundry ministry in conjunction with the Oregon Hill Baptist Center (housed in Pine Street Baptist Church). The residents began to help with the weekly meal to homeless individuals. Through their involvement with this ministry, the interns realized that many of the homeless individuals who came to the Oregon Hill Center did not have the ability to do their laundry. The interns decided that they wanted to start a laundry ministry. They initially washed the clothes in their own home, but as the ministry grew this model became unsustainable. Laundry is now done at Wash Happening, a laundromat located at 1039 W Grace Street.

Individuals who wish to do their own laundry go to the laundromat and receive a voucher. Volunteers are available at Wash Happening on Wednesday afternoons to provide quarters and supplies.

If you are interested in helping with this ministry in any way, please contact the Rev. Deacon Barbara Ambrose or Sue Barrett, Outreach Chair.