Leadership - New Clergyperson!

St. Andrew's Welcomes Our New Clergyperson!

With joyful hearts Andrew’s welcomed our new clergyperson, Peyton Williams, on July 9! In her initial correspondence with the Discernment Committee she said, “In describing St. Andrew’s, you have described my vocation as I understand it in its truest sense: to throw open the doors of the Church to the presence of Christ in our community.” From the very beginning the Committee and Peyton felt the Holy Spirit leading us, a conviction that steadily grew as we became better and better acquainted.

Peyton brings exceptional academic credentials and ministry experience to her pastoral leadership at St. Andrew’s. She graduated from the University of Virginia with a B.A., with majors in Religious Studies and Psychology. After a fellowship at Christ Episcopal Church in Charlottesville, Peyton earned her M. Div. from Vanderbilt University. She then worked for three years as the Lay Associate at St. Paul’s Memorial Church, the university church in Charlottesville. There she directed Children’s & Youth Ministries, leading worship, preaching, and launching a parish-wide Mission & Outreach program with local and global impact. It was in that context of community formation that Peyton discerned a call to the priesthood.

Peyton recently graduated from Yale University with a Master of Sacred Theology and was ordained to the Transitional Diaconate on July 1.
She is joined by the Rev. Jenny Montgomery who serves as her mentor and celebrate the Eucharist on Sundays.

Reveling in God’s creation is one of Peyton’s favorite leisure time activities, walking quietly in the woods, enjoying time on the river with friends, running or hiking – generally accompanied by her sweet dog Henley. She also enjoys spending time with family, making music, and dancing. During her training at the Richmond ballet, she danced in The Nutcracker, and continues to love the ballet.

When the Discernment Committee introduced Peyton to parishioners assembled after church last Sunday, people responded with more than one outburst of gratitude and joy. When we sent Peyton the group picture we took after the meeting she said, “I absolutely loved the photograph you all sent after the meeting. It was another one of those God moments when I felt in my bones that St. Andrew’s is the right place.”

St. Andrew’s, Come and See!

All of us at St. Andrew's would like to thank our Discernment Committee!  

Our committee drafted the following prayer as our core discernment prayer, but each meeting was guided and shaped by other prayers, too!

Meet our Search Committee!

Katrina Comissiong-Williams
In the immortal words of Bob Ross, our coming to St. Andrew’s was not a mistake, it was a "happy little accident." The combination of my wanting to attend Ash Wednesday Mass, and my absolute refusal to admit that I was wrong landed us at the first red church door I saw, and we simply never left. Over the last thirteen years, our happy accident has become our chosen family, our support system, godparents to our children, and some of our dearest friends. My husband Michael and our children Trina, Mikey, and Milo have found such an incredible sense of place and belonging at St. Andrew's, and every time we walk through the doors, it feels like going home. I am proud to have served St. Andrew’s on the teller ministry, as head of the Hospitality Committee (and holder of the secret ham recipe!), and as secretary of the vestry. I am honored to serve on the Search Committee and look forward to the discernment process, and serving our congregation.

Mike Culver
I am a Richmonder, and have lived in Oregon Hill for forty-two years. I am a social worker, a pastoral counselor, father of two sons, and have attended St. Andrew's for twenty years.

Joe Fawley
I was born an Episcopalian, and was baptized at Grace Church, Keswick, shortly after the war. I am a former English and science teacher in Catholic schools in Richmond. Currently, I am a real estate broker. I have served as both junior and senior warden during the transition period after the Rev. David May left, and was involved in the interim period with the Rev. April Greenwood and the call to the Rev. Abbot Bailey. I am looking forward to our next adventure.

Tracey Miles
Twenty years ago, I came to St. Andrew’s simply looking for a place to sing; what I found was a welcoming community and family that has supported me through many seasons, including a recent career change to physical therapist. In addition to my twenty years in the choir, I have served as chair of the Outreach Committee and participated in the search for our current organist and choirmaster. I am also currently a member of the Finance Committee. I am honored to serve and represent the people of St. Andrew’s in the search for our rector.

Karen Salter
My family joined St. Andrew's twenty-five years ago, shortly after Conor was born. I've served our church first as chair of the Outreach Committee, later as a member of the Adult Christian Education Committee, as senior warden, and as chair of our transition committee after Abbott Bailey was called as the Canon to the Ordinary in the Diocese of California. I love our church and our people. St. Andrew's has blessed my family and my personal faith journey in ways too numerous to count, and too deep to easily explain. I am honored to serve on the Discernment Committee with four other St. Andreans who each have blessed my family throughout our time here.

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