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Senior Warden Conor Salter
Conor Salter has been a member of St. Andrew’s since he was brought there by his parents when he was less than a year old. During his youth, he was an acolyte, EYE attendee, and Youth Delegate. Conor graduated from James Madison University in 2019, and received a Post Graduate Diploma in Theology at Virginia Theological Seminary in 2020. Recently, Conor served as St. Andrew’s delegate to annual convention, and is currently the lay representative for Region X. The St. Andrew’s community had always had a special place in Conor’s heart, and he operates from a place of wanting to give back all of the love and respect he has received over the years. Conor firmly believes in respecting the dignity of every human being. Conor treasures the value of community, and hopes to help foster God’s Beloved Community at St. Andrew’s.

Junior Warden Hank Selby
Hank and his wife Robin joined the St. Andrew’s family 15 years ago. After experiencing a rather disturbing exit from a previous parish, they were looking for a church home that was relatively drama-free and functional, and after visiting several other parishes, they knew that St. Andrew’s was going to be the right fit. “The St. Andrew’s family has done so much for me, especially with Robin’s illness and death, that when I was asked to be on the vestry, I decided that this was a time for me to give back some of the faithful kindnesses which I have received,” Hank says.
Hank has been a Richmonder since 1962. He graduated from The University of Richmond with a B.A. in religion, and retired in 2021 after 40+ years in international logistics and compliance, the last 15 of which were with Reynolds Consumer Products. Hank had been very involved with previous parishes, including serving multiple vestry terms, serving as junior warden, senior warden, and register, teaching Sunday school, playing guitar for services, and singing in the choir. He enjoys traveling in the US and abroad and performing original and cover music at various venues in the Richmond area. Hank looks forward to working with the clergy and vestry to meet both current challenges and future opportunities for St. Andrew’s.

Register Jim Evans
The first time I stepped through the doors of St. Andrew’s, it was the year 2000. The individual and collective warmth, friendliness and sincerity put me at ease immediately. In the two decades since that initial encounter, St. Andrew’s has anchored my faith journey and been a centerpiece of our family life.
Over the years, I have served as an usher, a Scripture reader, a chalice bearer, a member of the building and grounds committee and a two-time member of the St. Andrew’s vestry, including two stints as junior warden and one as senior warden. These experiences have all deepened by understanding of and commitment to our mission and the ministries that support God’s work in our parish. With Peyton’s arrival, we are blessed to have a vibrant leader with energy, enthusiasm, and vision. The love and caring she brings is palpable. Her presence has brought a renewed sense of excitement to our church family. I feel it in the pews, in the parish house and everywhere we congregate, don’t you? I look forward to walking this holy path of faith and service with you as we work together to sustain and grow St. Andrew’s rich legacy of transformational ministry.

Christine Baur
St. Andrew’s is more than a church; it’s home. My family has been fortunate to call St. Andrew’s home for 6 generations. Going to service or a gathering brought more than spiritual comfort. There is a feeling of acceptance and love. So, I am a cradle Episcopalian born into this church who chose to stay because of how wonderful the family is here.
As a teenager, I served as an Acolyte. There were plenty of youths who wanted to be Crucifer every Sunday. We waited for the assignments to be posted to see who got the desired responsibility. Having that kind of fun while worshiping is really what began my own path here at St. Andrew’s. Throughout the years, I have served in many ministries. I grew up always working with my parents in Hospitality. This was a lot of work, but rewarding Nothing brings people together better than breaking bread. I have continued working in the Hospitality ministry. After managing the Nursery, I moved onto the Welcome Committee. I was Chair of the Welcome Committee for quite a few years. Now I am Blessed to serve on our Vestry.
Married mother to three beautiful girls, I definitely have my hands full. My husband, Brian, was a teacher for 11 years, eight of those years as a public middle school teacher, before moving onto another career in finance. Our girls are 4, 5, and 10. Extracurricular activities, homeschooling, and life in general keeps us very busy. We also have 2 dogs and a cat. They unquestionably add to the chaos. I got my BA at the University of Richmond- GO SPIDERS! I worked in the restaurant industry for 12 years before moving to the trucking industry. Reading, writing, art, cooking, and baking are great passions of mine.
Thank you for the opportunity to serve on the Vestry as Registrar over the last couple of years. Hoping to see a 7th generation come to St. Andrew’s. Blessings!

Laura Boucher
In her earlier life, Laura was a teacher for 18 years, then a Director of Christian Education for another 18 years. Her husband, John, is an Episcopal priest who in retirement is serving the Diocese of Southern Virginia. They have a son, Matthew, and a daughter, Sarah, and 5 beautiful Grandchildren. Her life now revolves around family and friends, being a “domestic goddess,” reading and gardening, and staying faithful to her commitments to St. Andrew’s parish, St. Andrew’s School and Richmond Hill. She also serves as a Spiritual Director which adds meaning grace to her life. Laura says, " I am truly blessed."

Chris Catanzaro
Chris and his partner, Patrick Hall, officially joined St. Andrew’s in 2014. Chris moved to Richmond in 2007 to join the faculty in the Department of Agriculture at Virginia State University. Due to his background in horticulture, he loves helping with the maintenance of our grounds. Chris has also been involved with ushering, Adult Formation, and serving as a lector. Chris is also participating in the Education for Ministry program. He believes that "St. Andrew’s has many faithful and passionate members who inspire me to do what I can to serve God, our members, and the greater community."

Steve Boschen
Steve is a recent member of St Andrew's, having joined in 2021. He has formerly served on several vestries including twice as senior warden. He has also served on a finance committee and a worship committee. He served in his former church choir for 30 years and he has served as a paid singer in several Richmond church choirs in many denominations. Serving God in God's church is vital to his spiritual walk and he loves where he currently serves.

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