The people of St. Andrew's are convinced that God's desire is for all people to experience the promise and possibility of an abundant, vibrant, and hope-filled life. We also know that as a parish, we have the responsibility to make this desire become a reality for members of our community. It is how we are called to be in the world as Christians, and we do this in a number of ways through financial and volunteer support. Check out the various outreach ministries we offer: 

laundry ministry

This ministry helps meet the need for accessible laundry service for members of our neighborhood who are homeless. Individuals who wish to do laundry for free go to the BP Station Laundromat at 1920 E. Cary Street on Wednesday afternoons. Volunteers are available to provide quarters and supplies.

blessing fence             

What started out as a one-time project for the season of Epiphany has now become a continuous ministry, to which our neighbors in Oregon Hill also contribute. During the winter months, we hang hats, scarves, and warm articles of clothing on the iron fence in front of the sanctuary. Folks passing by are invited to take what they need. We then transition to hanging more seasonly appropriate items during the warmer months.

st. andrew's school

We continue to maintain a relationship with our neighbors at St. Andrew's School that dates back to 1894 when Grace Arents founded it. It is our largest grant recipient, and assistance is given to children and families throughout the year in various ways. Our Priest-In-Charge, Andrew Moore, serves as chaplain of the school and sits on the School's Board of Directors along with another parishioner.