Worship Involvement

Everyone who attends worship is an integral part of the service. The word “liturgy,” which is the way we worship, literally means the work of the people. In addition, some parishioners help lead the worship service in a special way. There are acolytes, choristers, ushers, altar guild members, readers, intercessors, nursery caregivers, chalice bearers, and tellers.  Please read the descriptions of the various liturgical roles, and, if you are interested in learning more about ministry in any of these areas, please get in touch with the lead contact.

An acolyte is someone who assists the priest during worship and helps lead the service.  There are generally four acolyte positions: 1) the Crucifer, who leads the procession and helps the priest prepare for Communion; 2) two torch bearers who “flank” the Crucifer in the process and collect the offering plates; and 3) a second crucifer who leads the Eucharistic Ministers and the Priest in the Procession. Acolytes serve on a rotating basis.  Contact: Ken Clark.

Altar Guild
Altar Guild is a way to enrich your stewardship of time and quiet worship.  The Altar Guild prepares the Church for worship each week, making sure the hangings are the right season, and the Lord’s Table is ready for communion.  We are fortunate to have caring parishioners who serve on teams, one month at a time. They help maintain the inventory of necessities used in worship, such as candles, wafers, wine and linens.  We mark the readings and make sure the flowers are on the altar to beautify the sanctuary and distribute them after each service.
Teams of any composition are welcome, mothers/daughters, fathers/sons, friends, families and anyone that would like to join us in this wonderful ministry.  Please sign up your “team” or let us pair you with another parishioner. Contact: Howard Wells.

Chalice Bearer/Eucharistic Minister
A Chalice Bearer is one of the Eucharistic Ministers and leaders of the worship service.  Specifically, they distribute the consecrated wine (the blood of Christ), to the congregation when they come for Communion.  Chalice Bearers serve on a rotating basis.  There are two each Sunday. Contact: Abbott Bailey.
Members of the choir are important leaders in Sunday worship.  They lead congregational song as well as offer praise in
the form of special anthems and other music during the service.  The choir also leads and participates in special services throughout the year, including Epiphany Lessons and Carols. While it is great to have choir members commit for an entire program year, it is also possible to sing in the choir for a season or in preparation for a special service.  In fact, if you’re interested in trying it out, this is a great way to get started. Contact: Nick Stephenson.

An Intercessor, in the context of worship, is someone who helps lead the service by leading the Prayers of the People during the Service of the Word.  They sit in the congregation and come forward to the Lectern to offer the prayers with the congregation’s participation.  They serve on a rotating basis. Contact: Patrick Keyser.

Nursery Volunteer
The Nursery Volunteer assists the nursery staffer on duty during the 11:00 service in caring for the youngest members of our community.  The flock is often small, but having a second person in the room is not only helpful in terms of sharing the work of supervision, but serves the two critical functions of aiding in an emergency and providing personal accountability. Volunteers serve on a rotating basis.  Contact Patrick Keyser.

A Reader or Lector is someone who helps lead the service by reading the Scripture, either the Old Testament or the New Testament, during the Service of the Word.  They sit in the congregation and come forward to the Lectern to read appointed Lectionary for the day from the Bible as marked.  They serve on a rotating basis. Contact: Patrick Keyser.

Tellers work in teams of two after church to collect the gifts presented at the offertory and prepare them for deposit.  They serve on a rotating basis.  Contact: Mary Lou Ivey.

Ushers are the first point of contact for people as they enter the church for a worship service.  As such, their predominant role is that of welcome and hospitality.  Ushers greet people, distribute bulletins, help people get to where they need to go, collect the financial offering, present the financial offering and the oblations (bread and wine), take the count of worship participants, and assist people during Communion.  Ushers serve for one month on a rotating basis. Contact: Wayne Clark or Patrick Keyser.

Vergers are those who serve the church through ministry centered around the liturgies. A Verger at St. Andrew’s arrives an hour early each Sunday, vests, reviews the service and acolyte details with the Head Verger, anticipates-troubleshoots problems with the appropriate people (sound, lights, tags in bible, locations of cross, torches), spots readers and intercessors to make sure they are there and is prepared to read in their absence, troubleshoots problems during the service (chancel doors, confusion or forgetfulness by anyone serving, including the celebrant, extinguished or unlit candles, etc.), learns what the acolytes do and how the liturgy functions. Contact: Howard Wells.