Poinsettia order form

Our custom is to decorate St. Andrew's with poinsettias on Christmas.  If you would like to offer a poinsettia in memory of or in thanksgiving for a loved one, please fill out this form by December 13.

The cost this year is $15; please put a check with "Poinsettias" in the memo line in the offering plate or in the mail to us (St. Andrew's Church, 236 S. Laurel St., Richmond, 23220).
This poinsettia is given to the Glory of God and...
  • in loving memory of...
  • in thanksgiving for...
Name of one(s) being honored as you would like them listed


Name of the person(s) giving the gift
Please give my poinsettia to someone unable to attend the service
  • yes
  • no
Any other comments?

You can also make a payment online here. Please choose Christmas poinsettias in the drop down menu.

Poinsettias may be picked up at Christmas Lessons and Carols.